Lift planning tools from Manitowoc

Put our lift planning tools to work for you.

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With Manitowoc as your crane partner, you have the equipment for the biggest lifts.

Now you have the lift planning tools to help ensure those lifts go off without a problem.


craniMAX offers you the perfect solution for your crane job planning

3D Lift Plan

Manitowoc cranes are available in the 3D Lift Plan database, allowing you to simulate your next lift ahead of time — and ensure you select the right Manitowoc crane for the job. Input the weight and dimensions of the object you’re lifting, plus the location and size of obstructions at the site and 3D Lift Plan will search the load charts of your crane fleet to determine the most economical crane configuration for the lift. You can use 3D Lift Plan to create printouts and lift video simulations that help you plan your lifts more accurately and efficiently.

Outrigger Pad Load Calculators

Manitowoc’s Outrigger Pad Load Calculator helps you plan for your next lift with load estimates based on the weight of your lift, and the set up of your particular crane.Simply input your data to receive instant pad load calculations on screen and sent directly to your email for all-terrain cranes, National Crane range, industrial cranes and rough-terrain, and truck-mounted cranes. Receive important weight-bearing calculations related to the various slewing angles you will be working at to perform your lift.

Ground Bearing Pressure Estimator

Use our Ground Bearing Pressure Estimator to determine accurate requirements for your lattice boom crawler, truck or Ringer crane. All you need is a computer, 1GB Ram and Windows XP/ Vista/7 to utilize the Ground Bearing Pressure Estimator. This is a software application that is free to download and use in your lift planning preparations.

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