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What is CraneSTAR?
CraneSTAR is a remote asset management system that uses a secure, Web-based application to display the operating data CraneSTAR collects. CraneSTAR is the term given to the Manitowoc telematic device as well as to the complete system. The four components of CraneSTAR system include:  

1. Modification of the crane operating system software
2. A telematic control unit (TCU) that resides on the crane and processes data from the crane CAN-Bus network
3. Modes of communication include global positioning system (GPS) as well as satellite and cell-based
4. The back office — which is internally developed and is the interface to the system via the Internet

CraneSTAR is not a safety device. CraneSTAR is hosted by Manitowoc.  

What can CraneSTAR do for me?
CraneSTAR gives you the knowledge to help make fact-based decisions regarding your crane’s productivity and maintenance. CraneSTAR allows you to be more proactive in scheduling preventive maintenance for your fleet. 

Why is CraneSTAR different from other telematics solutions already on the market?  
In addition to all the other telematics advantages, CraneSTAR offers load moment indicator (LMI) monitoring and reporting capabilities not available from other suppliers.  

Will CraneSTAR help reduce cost of ownership?  
CraneSTAR will provide reports showing working hours vs. fuel consumption on some models. Owners can promote fuel savings by encouraging operators to turn off engine when not needed. 

Will CraneSTAR increase my crane’s resale value?  

CraneSTAR can possibly increase resale value by reducing operator idle time and therefore reducing engine hours. 

How much does CraneSTAR cost on my new crane?  
CraneSTAR provides a standard three-year package from shipment date, which includes hardware with both GSM and satellite capability and three years of communication fees plus unlimited use of the CraneSTAR Web site - at no cost to the end user.  

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